Why Video is Suddenly So Important for Business Now

Why video? Video has been around for a long time in various mediums already – why is video suddenly important now?

WAYNE FORD: I mentioned above the rebirth of video due to the internet and connection speeds getting fast enough for a positive viewing experience for everyone.

But we are a few years past that point now and there are several other reasons why marketing with video has become absolutely vital.

Creating Engaging Video Training Course

Probably the most important reason is because how people are now consuming media is changing rapidly. The ‘C Generation’ (Not necessarily defined by age but are usually 12 to 34) are constantly viewing media online when and where they want to view it. Video is the most captivating and engaging type of media. It connects on a deeper and subconscious level that text or images can’t do.

New statistics on how video helps tremendously with conversion and sales are released constantly.

Here are some recent stats:

There is also the all important human connection factor that video allows you to tap into. People want to see, relate and ultimately buy from another person. Small businesses and sole proprietorships can leverage this in several ways and more effectively than large companies.

Becoming the face of your brand and creating content with you in it can be a game changer!

Why Web Video Marketing is Vital

What are the biggest opportunities for businesses to start use video in their marketing?
WAYNE FORD: Let me break the 3 big opportunities for video!

  1. Search engines love video. Google will usually rank your page higher if it includes a video, it will also use a video thumbnail if you do your video SEO properly. Also YouTube is the second largest search engine and people use it just like they use Google; to find answers to a problem.
  2. Video as an audience building tool. Video is a highly effective funnel to grow followers and customers. If you create video content (not ads) on a regular basis that are of value to your market you will cultivate a steady flow of new traffic and repeat followers, that will eventually buy from you.
  3. Video is primed for social. You can tap into social media sharing more effectively by creating video content your audience is already searching for and will want to share. Video will become the ‘secret sauce’ to all your social media campaigns because of the viral nature of the medium.

Wayne Ford

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