Making it Profitable: Online Video Marketing for Business!

Video marketing has ‘made it' in terms of professional marketing, and big time. Business to Business (B2B) marketers interested in marketing with Return on Investment (ROI) and increasing their brand equity now must be aware of the proficient ways of using the medium as an effective tool! We've all seen far too many poor videos on YouTube when searching for answers.

The goal for marketers is now balance – create effective video marketing videos without having to go and start taking courses for media production from scratch! How do we do this?

Let’s first look at the medium first…

Time is Money Hire a Video Professional

YouTube which is in ranked second only to Google for search popularity has quickly established itself as a user-friendly and reliable results tool. YouTube surpassed the second most used search engine Yahoo in 2008, and it is continues to speed like a rocket in the media distribution race. Can you recall the major shift that advertisements in television have brought compared from those in print and radio? Just picture out the time by which online videos will perform the same thing in the arena of advertising in the Internet.

We may feel that time is now, but video is still very much it it's infancy – and it's growing pains are a sign that the market is growing even faster!

Motion & Sound & Text, United!

It’s widely understood that video is the most universal means of assimilating information – most people learn best visually than when compared to solely learning through hearing. B2B marketers are also gaining a lot from video presentations since video transmits information more quickly when compared to the other forms of media.

Video combines all three major learning styles – visuals, text and sound (speaking and effects). We would go as far as to say, there is no other form of media which convey a deep-rooted, meaningful and long-lasting idea than those portrayed in videos. Couple video with hand-held tablets, smart phones and computers, and you’ve got a truly engaged learning audience!

At present, the advent of technology has relocated videos to the world of televisions and mobile devices equipped with access to the Internet. Online video is on a hand’s reach by near everyone, wherever and whenever one likes. Today, one can view videos as easily during lunch on a smart phone or tablet as at one’s home on the desktop computer or television Internet-capable set-top box such as an Apple TV!

Promotional Video Screen Wall

This technological ubiquity permits users to craft their own customized combination of channels making it a lot closer to one’s own personality and character. Have you ever wondered how everything will turn out if all of us have identical talents in building a personalized conduit of online video that anyone can watch anywhere?

With just a single click of the mouse, a channel is immediately displayed on your screen. You may not even notice that you are watching it more that the latest episode of Jamie Oliver’s cooking show!

This individualization and reachable characteristics are tremendously vital for B2B marketers who are very much aware that consumers are enormously skilled in sorting out undesirable messages about marketing.

Business Men in Suits, Blue Tone Colors

A businessman might have difficulty in communicating to his potential consumers by e-mail or phone; however, if a video gets into a tailored feed which mirrors the potential consumer’s wants and needs, the video can instill the desire to fill an unquenched need.

A Properly Tailored Video is Committed to Your Customer’s Needs

Video has evolved into an excellent marketing avenue which your business must not take for granted. For instance, what do gauge to be the ROI of a car, or a telephone? If you recall, a dozen years ago websites were coming onto the scene – now they’re invaluable as well. Impossible to fathom a business without these tools.

Just as smart phones and socially capable businesses are becoming the norm, so is video. Sharp-minded B2B marketers harmonize video content with the interests of their target consumers.

Guy with iPhone with Online Consumer Video

Core Three Phases of Business Video Marketing

Startup Phase:

Demonstrate leadership and expert status. Create brand value through creating and distributing no-strings-attached knowledge through videos. Really. Put it out there, and show what you know. Example: create a webinars and build concept-centered leadership. Let people make up their own minds, but have the goal that you will eventually be perceived as the look-to source to kindle knowledge, explanation, and understanding of the current events and styles.

Build Phase:

Start to focus a lot more solely on your product. After rapport has been built, broaden up your value proposals with fundamental foreword about the company, outline of a product that will fill the need of the viewer, the product’s presentation, and concise testaments of buyers. Transform informal interest into intriguing attraction to the product in order to limit your funnel and restrict your leads.

Sustain Phase:

Once trust has been established, present an in depth case studies and extensive videos. Furthermore, start acquiring information about your prospect buyers – newsletter sign up for e-mail addresses, questionnaire, redeemable coupons, etc.


Direct & Indirect Video Distribution Plans of Attack

Here are a few concepts that you could either follow; give each a try, but really get utilize each one you choose whole-heartily before moving onto another. If you have any questions, ask at the bottom of this page.

Use Text Summary & Keywords

Make your video stand out in organic search by Google and YouTube by adding a text summary underneath. At present, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique for YouTube is similar with the technique for Google (which owns YouTube). Consequently, craft a text summary and utilize persuading and convincing keywords to put into summation your central idea and line of details. Moreover, it is important to add in your Uniform Resource Locator (URL). Aside from being able to generate a cheat sheet for those not capable of seeing the clip; you have opened the doors for search engines, such as Yahoo and Google, to track down and classify your videos better.

Pump up Your E-Mail Marketing with Video

In your email marketing, incorporate your online videos. Successful cultivation of leads concerns chiefly on holding your potential consumers emotionally and faithfully to you. To build a good relationship with your sales leads, make use of online video in handing over the necessary information straight to their email inboxes which are pertinent to the buyers and to wherever they are in the purchasing course.

A number of statistics revealed that rates for email conversion soared up to 300% when video is added to the page.

Video is Social. Really Social.

YouTube is number two in search to Google. It’s an entirely interactive medium. With billions of searches for video. Then there’s Facebook and Twitter, which are avenues for viral videos to spread. Take advantage on the influence of social media. Advertise your online videos to every avenue of marketing like on social media websites, your blog site, and on personal and corporate profiles. In order to cultivate your communities online, insistently promote your videos at a larger angle than other new contents.


All the way through the scope of your online video, never put behind the fact that potential consumers are listening although you do not know any information on how to contact them. This is how you should nurture your relationship with them. If you do this inadequately, you are throwing away probable profits and these may instead get inside the pockets of your fierce competitors.

Otherwise, you are generating an uninterrupted gush of high quality leads.

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